Catching Up

So I was apparently a naughty Nandi back in October, and not the fun kind! Something, and for obvious reason I am not sure, set off Dropbox’s terms of service. Basically, I was locked out of everything, and as is often the case it got worse.

Every now and again I do a little purge to clear out old stuff to create space for new stuff, spring cleaning for old pictures and games. Though this time I played smart and moves it all to just only storage, which I guess ironically is what triggered all this. So everything I was trying to save is lost to me and I’ve had to rebuild everything again.

Whilst after many learned lessons I keep my game stuff separate and back up in multiple places, even though it looks like I’ve lost some stuff though nothing serious.

On the plus side, this and a little downturn in creativity has led to me to restart this website so y’know win some, lose some!